This is just a collection of posters from some of the films & games i have worked on.

Jonathan has been teaching our Animation 200 and 300 classes at our school since early 2012. By sharing his knowledge gained over the years, our students have been greatly improving their ability to animate, outputting projects resembling the work of entry-level professionals

Andrei Stirbu

Jonathan is passionate about animation and an excellent teacher. His knowledge and skill are evident during lectures and it is very clear that he genuinely cares about the success of his students.

Robb Innes

I've worked with Jonathan on the Primeval 2 and now 3 series in Framestore, i can say that is a great artist and an great animator, was a real pleasure to work with him.Is always punctual with the shot deadlines, is a hardworking and enthusiast animator who is always eager to learn .

Alfonso Sicillia

Jonathan is a very talented CG artist. He is an extremely professional individual who takes his job seriously. He is also able to have fun at his job, while still getting the work done and demanding a
high level of competency from himself and his colleagues. Jonathan is also very eager to learn new things and work flows. His varied knowledge in several different styles of Animation, be it photo realistic creature animation or acting based Character Animation make him a valuable asset to every production. I can highly recommend Jonathan and I would welcome the opportunity to work him again.

Daniel Zettle

Clients i have worked with over the years.

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