Jonathan Symmonds

Co-Founder of Sophoria VFX and Sophoria Academy, Animation Supervisor

Originally from Zimbabwe, Jonathan has excelled in 3D Digital animation and has worked for some of the biggest companies and Directors in the World today.

He is widely recognized as the "Father of Dragons" having created his own dragon after completing work on the Game of Thrones. He has his own VFX company and online academy.

He has been nominated 3 times for a VES award, completed his own TED talk and has taught over 3000 students.

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A little History

My name is Jonathan Symmonds. I was born in Durban, South Africa, I moved to Zimbabwe in 1987 and went to college there until in 2001 when I decided it was time to use some of my skills and passion for animation and drawing in the media industry.

I moved to England in 2002 and put myself through university. I graduated from the “University of hertfordshire” and shortly after that i started working for an Oscar winning visual effects company called “Framestore” in central London.

When that contract ended I moved into Freelancing and worked with a company called “Passion Pictures” in central London. This was great fun, as I got to work on three commercials as a CG Generalist and then I was selected to work on the feature film “The Nutcracker.”

After “Nutcracker” ended I was called back to work on the 3rd series of “Primeval” at Framestore. Since then i have worked on some major tiles such as James Camerons’ “AVATAR”, “Where the Wild things Are” directed by Spike Jones, pre-visualisation on “Prince of Persia,” “Your Highness,” and “Nanny Mcphee.” I then decided i needed a change of scenery and went to work as the lead on a film called “Trollhunter,” in Norway. I brought my knowledge from previous experience in and changed and adapted a new rigging system to help benefit future animated projects. I also worked at a company called Qvisten Animation and worked on a film called “Kerten 2,” doing a lot of lipsync.

I was an online instructor and have now taught over 3000 students. I was also nominated three times for a VES award for my work on the animation of the Dragons on season 5,6,7 & 8 of the Game of Thrones. I worked as the Lead Animator during the Game of Thrones Season at Pixomondo in Germany.

I now have my own VFX studio SOPHORIA and we have our own Online Academy. Be sure to check them out!

Thank you all for visiting my portfolio.
Jonathan Symmonds.

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