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I've worked with Jonathan on the Primeval 2 and series 3 in Framestore, i can say that he is a great artist and a great animator, it was a real pleasure to work with him. He is always punctual with the shot deadlines and is a hardworking and enthusiast animator who is always eager to learn.

Alfonso Sicilia

Jonathan was a welcome asset to the team and produced some fine work at Framestore when we worked together on Primeval Series 2. This,combined with a stellar personality means I have no problems recommending Jono to future employers.

Ken Doyle

Jonathan is an amazing animator, he really does bring a breath of fresh air to the industry. I've know Jonathan for a while now and i just love being able to work with him as his animation is truly inspiring. This guy has great ideas for animation and his approach to work is one of confidence. He would be a great asset to any company and i would personally love to work with him again and again and again.

Benn Garnish - Animator

Jonathan initially started as a Runner at Framestore CFC and then through sheer hard work, determination and talent moved up to the role of Junior Animator. It is credit to Jonathan that in such a fiercely competitive environment he achieved recognition and success and I can wholeheartedly recommend him as both a lovely colleague and Animator.

Amy Smith - Recruitment Manager

Jonathan is a very talented CG artist. He is an extremely professional individual who takes his job seriously. He is also able to have fun at his job, while still getting the work done and demanding a high level of competency from himself and his colleagues. Jonathan is also very eager to learn new things and work flows. His varied knowledge in several different styles of Animation, be it photo realistic creature animation or acting based Character Animation make him a valuable asset to every production. I can highly recommend Jonathan and I would welcome the opportunity to work him again.

Daniel Zettl - Creature Animator

Jonathan is an animator I worked with in Passion Pictures. He is very good and has a very good sense of what a director wants. It was very pleasant to work with him not only because he's a good animator but also because he gets to the point quickly . Furthermore he's always there for the people who may need help. It was a great experience working with him, hope you will enjoy working with him.

Marlene Thomas - Production coordinator

Jono is a very talented animator. He is motivated and driven, and also willing to help other team members. The Nutcracker was my first animation project using XSI, and he was always happy to answer the technical questions I had about the package. He has a great sense of humour, and is a pleasure to work with.

Cath Brooks - Character animator

Hi there, this is to recommend Jonathan Symmonds; he is an excellent team player, friendly and responsive to direction, and his animation shows a solid understanding of the physics of motion: I'll be very happy to work with him again one day.

Chris Knott - VFX Supervision

Jonathan created a fantastic working environment. He is always forthcoming with ideas for shots. A great guy and a valuable asset to any studio.

Kristian Antonelli - Animator

I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan on the Nutcracker. He is a talented and passionate animator who is always striving for perfection. His skills and great personality makes him a valuable asset to any team. I hope to get the change to work with him again.

Karin Mattsson - Animator

Jonathan is a talented and hard working animator, I worked with Jonathan on the nutcracker and he helped make every day fun and enjoyable. He was a valuable part of the team and a pleasure to work with!

Chris Welsby - Animator

I worked with Jonathan at Passion Pictures, and it was a real pleasure. He is a very talented animator, he is very professional and passionate. He is also a great team member, with a deep knowledge in animation, and always ready to help. I would be very happy to work with him again. Highly recommended!

Mélanie climent - Animator

I have worked with Jonathan over the last couple of years at Framestore on Primeval 2 and 3 and during that period he has improved by leaps and bounds producing a large no. of high quality shots on time. He has a great deal of natural ability and brings a fine sensibility to a shot to set it well above the average. Jonathan has proved himself in a highly competitative environment at Framestore as an animator and professional and I'm certain he is a valuable addition to any animation team. I'm happy to recommend him and would not hesitate to work with him in future.

Mark Brocking - Animation Supervisor