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I found a really handy script online for keying all the Morph Targets on a character all at once instead of scrolling down the channel list and keying each channel. The original post is here and created by Borislav Petrov. It was release on the 6/14/1999 but works in all Max versions to date.

( ***please note this is not my work, i am just hosting the script for other users to enjoy***)


MorpherKeys are two small MacroScripts which create keys for multiple
(or all) targets in a Morpher modifier at current time.

Version 1.0 (6/14/99)To install,
*Download/unzip into \SCRIPTS, open both and evaluate them.
*Right-click a toolbar, go to “Morpher” Category and drag&drop the buttons to the toolbar.
*Select an object with a Morpher modifier.
*Press the Button “Morpher_KeyAll”.
*A key with the current value at the current time will be created for each target channel which is not empty.
If the selection contains more than one objects, or the object has no Morpher modifier applied, you will be prompted.
*This much more advanced script lets you create keys for ANY number of targets (for all, too!)
*Press the Button “Morpher_KeySelected”
*A new floater will open.
*Press the [Pick Morphed Object] button and pick an object from the scene.
Note that the script will NOT let you pick an object without a Morpher applied.
Also, you can hit the H button to pick by name – only objects with a Morpher modifier will be listed.

*If the checkbox “Auto-Select All Targets” is checked (default), all targets referenced by the Morpher will be selected in the scene, too. This makes it easy to mimic the “KeyAll” behavior, or to see which objects in the scene are Targets.
*You can also select ANY objects from the scene – the script will filter out only the Targets of the currently picked Morpher.
*Press the [Key Selected Targets] button – a key will be created for only those objects that are both currently selected and are used by the currently picked Morpher.

*After the Keying is done, the selection will be reduced to only those objects which are used targets.
Objects that used to be selected but are not targets will be excluded from the selection.