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The importance of the Bouncy Ball tutorial for Animators!

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The Importance of animating the Bouncy Ball, with Jonathan Symmonds Enroll for FREE at our Online Academy

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Learning animation from scratch is not an easy task, especially in unfamiliar software. However, the first thing to learn in animation is a bouncy ball. Why do we need to learn this? Most animation relies on the curve that is created when you keyframe out the bounce! You can even copy that curve to multiple other controllers and your animation will still work. In this lesson, we will take a simple ball and animate it. After that i will explain to you how to take that ‘curve’ that the ball makes when it is animated and apply that to a dinosaur. Creating a walk-cycle of a dinosaur should not be daunting to an animator. Follow the principles of animation and you will learn the skills needed to animate such a creature, amongst others!